We are a professional Payroll Outsourcing Company situated in Durban. Our Payroll Services include Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly paid Employees. Outsourcing to Payroll companies will reduce the costs involved in having payroll trained employees in-house as well as the costs of systems and software needed to process payroll.

Statutory and legislative Payroll requirements have, over the years become more daunting. Business payroll has become increasingly complex due to changing legislation, leaving you with a compliance burden that requires specialist knowledge. Our Cloud-based software will always ensure that you remain legally compliant and all data is stored safely in the cloud.

Our services are more than just Payroll. As aWe offer a full Payroll Management Service which includes paperless Leave Management, Disciplinary Management, Employment Documents and more.    


No More Payday Blues. CONTENT AND MOTIVATED EMPLOYEES are those that are paid accurately on time every time.  


  • No need for an expensive & dedicated Payroll Clerk
  • No more time consuming data capturing
  • No need for costly Software & Training
  • Avoid SARS penalties
  • Prevents internal fraud
  • We offer a comprehensive payroll service that is cost-effective, professional, ethical, confidential, accurate  & secure across all employee types
  • We will customize our system to suite your requirements.    


  • Processing Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Payroll
  • Leave Management- Capture and manage all types of leave taken
  • EFT Payments- Bulk Upload files to the Various Banks
  • Garnishee Order Management
  • Loan Management
  • Workmans Compensation Annual Returns
  • UIF reports and submissions


  • Bargaining Council Reports
  • Provident Fund and Medical Aid Reports
  • Union deductions Report


  • Full Wage Report for you to complete your  Financials
  • Employment Equity Reports
  • SDL Reports


  • Monthly EMP 201 Report
  • Bi Annual & Annual Recons EMP 501 and IRP5’s
  • EMPLOYEE TAX INCENTIVE Reports and Claims  

 *Monthly cost depends on the amount of employees and whether employees are paid Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly.