A Co-Operative is an empowerment initiative and is owned and run by its’ Members. The Government has been promoting Co-Operatives in a hope that it will relieve unemployment and empower people.

We have helped numerous businesses for the past 9 years to Restructure and Outsource their production to Co-Operatives.


A Co-Operative is an innovative way to Improve your B-BBEE Scorecard without losing control of your business. It benefits Employees and the Employer. A Co-Operative is more efficient and effective than a Trust.  

Benefits to Company:

  • Excluded from the Labour Relations Act, Trade Unions & Bargaining Councils
  • Improved productivity – Previous Employees now have ownership and take pride in their own business
  • No need for costly Labour Brokers
  • Reduced Absenteeism, rejects & wastage
  • Turn around divisions that are no longer productive or financially viable.
  • The Co-operative is task orientated, the system links the labour cost directly to the output achieved by labour, and labour gets paid for what they do and not for just being at work
  • No more labour problems
  • B-BBEE points