Cloud Based

HR Management System

Streamlining your Workforce Management

Herewith some of the main areas our system will address:

Module Details:

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Employee Module

  • Capture Personal data of Employees
  • Link Photo
  • Terminate Employees
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Contact Module

  • Capture Employee contact information and next of Kin (info also used in UI-19)
  • Employee’s can edit Contact details via Self-Serve Portal
  • Street View of Address
  • Document Storage: FICA document
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Disciplinary Module

  • Capturing Employee Warnings
  • Auto-populated Template in line with SA Legislation (with eSignature)
  • System Automates and Guided Warning Progression
  • Document Storage: Warning Letter
  • CCMA Case Builder
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Career Module

  • Capture Career info (and keeping track of history)
  • Line Manager for purpose of approving leave and Performance Appraisals (in Self-Serve Portal)
  • Link to Salary Module (if applicable)
  • Document Storage: Contract of Employment
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Asset Register Module

  • Keeping track of Assets or Items supplied to Employee (e.g.: Uniforms, Laptops, 2-Way Radios etc)
  • Document Storage: Proof of items received (signed by Employee)
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Documents Module

  • Document Storage: All Employee related documents.
  • Custom list of documents can be created in Setup Menu
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Health & Safety Module

  • Automates H & S Records of H & S Officers, First Aider and Fire Marshals
  • Management of H & S Committee 
  • Reminders for validity periods of Training Certificates
  • Automated Safety Audits of equipment
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Archive Module

  • Record of Terminated Employee
  • Access to Auto-populated UI-19 form
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Leave Module

  • Capturing all Leave Types
  • System management of leave accrual and cycles in line with SA Labour Law
  • Auto-populated Templates available (with eSignature)
  • Document Storage: Leave Application and Supporting documents (if applicable)
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Training Module

  • Capturing of Training / Qualifications done by Employee
  • Costing report for Training to link to SDL
  • Document Storage: Proof of Training attended / Certificate / Degree
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GPS Location Module

  • Access to GPS locations sent by Employee via Self-Serve Portal as confirmation of e.g.: Site visits
  • Can be used as a Travel Log for Travel Claims
  • Map details and Street View
  • Export to Excel
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Employment Contract Module

  • Capture different types of Employment Contracts
  • Manages & reminds when Contracts are going to expire or to be renewed.
  • Manages & reminds of probation periods
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Consultation & Performance Module

  • Capturing of meetings held with Employee
  • Client Surveys
  • Performance Appraisals – KPA
  • Auto-populated Template available
  • Document Storage: Relevant document pertaining to meeting (if applicable)
  • Custom documents can be added via Setup Menu

And so much more...

The system can be customised to suite your individual need.